Food served Tuesday to Saturday – 12 to 2.30pm and 6 to 9pm.

Drinks only Sunday and Monday.

Items and pricing subject to change, please contact The Star Inn for current menu options and pricing.

New online menu coming soon.




STAR WRAPS – served with a salad garnish.

( Hoisin Duck / Tempura Prawn / Sweet Chilli Tofu / Satay Chicken / Sweet Chilli Chicken)

STAR SANDWICHES – served with or without chunky chips and a salad garnish.

( B.L.T / Tuna mayo / Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion / Bacon Brie & Redcurrant)

STAR SCAMPI – served with chunky chips, tartare sc and salad garnish.

STAR STEAK – 8oz Sirloin Steak, served on mixed peppers and onion, with a black pepper sc and served with your choice of chunky chips / rice / noodles.

STAR CURRIES & STAR ORIENTAL can be served as a smaller portion for smaller afternoon appetites.


Take-Away available during all food service times, except when at maximum dining capacity in bar areas.

Orders for Take-Away can be taken prior to food service time to ensure a time slot of your preference.

Take-Away is collection only, we are unable to deliver.



All dishes are cooked to order here at The Star Inn, so we are able to tailor dishes for most diets very easily, just speak to the member of staff serving you.

Tofu can replace the meat/fish in most of our main dishes.

Noodles – All ‘Star Noodles’ with the exception of Chow Mein (egg) are Rice Noodles. Soft Egg Noodles are served alongside the ‘Star Curries and Star Oriental’.

Curries – Panang and Jungle are both Gluten Free.

Star dishes that can not be done GF include; Prawn Toast, Spring Rolls, Roast Duck, Thai Tempura/Tempura – Batter used for all other dishes is made from Potato Flour.

We have recently introduced Vegan and GF ‘Prawn Crackers’ Horrah!



 Please use the hand sanitiser provided on entry.